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Nebraska Monarchs to Discontinue Milkweed Seed Program

After 6 very successful years, Nebraska Monarchs has decided to wind down the nationwide milkweed seed giveaway program. The organization is currently in the final stages of becoming a 501c3 non-profit organization, and the Board wants to refocus efforts on creating stronger pollinator habitats in the local/regional community. The free seed program will officially end once the current stock of milkweed seed is depleted.

Many factors went into this decision. The milkweed seed giveaway program is resource-intensive and difficult to track actual outcomes. Access to quality milkweed seed, which was once very limited, has greatly increased. And, since the Monarch was listed on the endangered species list last summer, many other organizations are now providing milkweed seeds for free (or at a low cost) to the public.

By discontinuing the milkweed seed giveaway, the Board of Nebraska Monarchs hopes to refocus resources towards our native plant giveaway, where individuals residing in Omaha and the surrounding communities can receive free native plants that are locally sourced from Midwest Natives Nursery. These prepackaged native gardens have proven extremely popular, and the demand for this program is always greater than the supply. The hope is that by focusing on this program, Nebraska Monarchs will make a greater, more measurable impact on restoring pollinator habitat locally.

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Unknown member
Apr 10, 2023

Thank you for the seeds, and blessings as y’all change course!

Looey from Howell, NJ

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