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Free Plants: Welcome


Nebraska Monarchs 2024 Annual Plant Giveaway

Plants are locally sourced from Midwest Natives Nursery, a greenhouse located in Lincoln, Nebraska that specializes in the sustainable cultivation of native perennial flowers and grasses. 

Native Gardens for Individuals

2024 Plant Giveaway Announcement.jpg

Parking on Saturday, May 18

Below is a map of parking and entrance instructions (park at 23 and J, enter Omaha South High School near 23 and K). We will have signage to help.

Native Gardens for Shared Spaces

Please note, the application period for this program is closed. Check back and apply in 2025! 

This year, over 50 groups were selected to receive plants (about half will receive 32 plants and about half will receive 64 plants). Each group selected will also receive an accompanying educational sign to be displayed. All applicants have been notified of application status. Those not selected to receive plants are on a waitlist. 

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