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Our Mission

Nebraska Monarchs empowers land managers and private citizens with the knowledge and resources to create safe native pollinator habitats.

Our Story

Nebraska Monarchs has been working to restore pollinator habitat in midwest communities since 2015 through free milkweed seed and native plant giveaways.


In late 2022, Nebraska Monarchs officially became a 501(c)(3) non-profit. The Board voted to refocus resources away from the free milkweed seed program toward the native plant giveaway, where organizations and individuals residing in Omaha and surrounding communities can receive free native plants that are locally sourced from Midwest Natives Nursery. The hope is that by focusing on this program, Nebraska Monarchs will make a greater, more measurable impact on restoring local pollinator habitat.

Our Strategy

Nebraska Monarchs is rooted in the idea that small actions change the world. We have helped increase biodiversity in the communities of thousands of individuals, community organizations, government agencies, and schools across Nebraska and the continental U.S. We deliver by focusing on three strategic pillars:


Community Outreach: Nebraska Monarchs’ annual Native Plant Giveaway has been highly successful. We’ve provided free plants to  individuals, businesses, churches, schools, and other community groups.

Education: We provide free education to individuals through our Native Plant Giveaway community partner fair, website, and social media pages. 


Partnerships: We partner with community organizations on developing plans to meet the needs for their conservation project. Additionally, the Native Plant Giveaway features a community fair portion where other conservation organizations are invited to share their expertise with the public. 

Maximilian’s Sunflower DrewGranville.jpeg

Maximilian’s Sunflower by Drew Granville

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