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Nebraska Monarchs Native Plant Giveaway

Nebraska Monarchs is providing a great opportunity to bring back butterflies to Omaha. In a partnership with the Save Our Monarchs Foundation (SOM) and through a grant from the Nebraska Environmental Trust, Nebraska Monarchs is delivering free pollinator plants to families who are curious about adding a pollinator garden to their yard.

Plants for the giveaway are locally sourced from Midwest Natives Nursery, a greenhouse located in Lincoln, Nebraska that specializes in the sustainable cultivation of native perennial flowers and grasses. Becki Chandler, Education Specialist for Nebraska Monarchs, collaborated with Midwest Natives Nursery to provide a selection of plants that serve as food sources for pollinators, are aesthetically pleasing, and thrive in Omaha gardens.

If you would like to participate, complete the "Sign Up Form" at the bottom of this page. This will take you to a Google Form to complete. It should take about 5-7 minutes to complete.

Sign up must be completed by April 30th and is open to 250 households. Plants will be ready for delivery in mid-May. Participants will be notified with confirmation of sign up and expected delivery dates.

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